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Values and mission

Our values

Passion and Curiosity

Driven by the values of excellence and professionalism, we are passionate about our work. We take a keen interest in our changing world and society and are committed to sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience.

Responsibility and Sustainability

We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, we use the resources at our disposal with the greatest care.

Respect and Empathy

We show respect and empathy for the people and organisations we engage with and encourage social cohesion through our actions.

Integrity and Transparency

In order to build trust among ourselves and with others, we put a premium on integrity in our work, avoid undue influence and make transparent decisions.

Equality and Inclusion

We are committed to providing equal opportunities and aim to be an inclusive space. We campaign against all forms of discrimination.

Democracy and Pluralism

We uphold democratic values, the rule of law and freedom of expression. We respect the diversity of opinion and are open to criticism and exchanges with civil society.

Our mission


Open to the public since 1946, the National Museum of History and Art is the oldest public museum in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our collection dates back to the time when Luxembourg gained independence from the Netherlands and established itself as an independent state following the London Conference in 1839. The collection has been continuously expanded, documented and studied ever since and is now the most important collection about the country’s history and art history. It is on show at the museum’s three sites, attracting around 130,000 visitors from all over the world every year.

Collect and Preserve

In accordance with a regularly reviewed collection policy, we collect and preserve objects and artworks that are part of the national movable heritage and that illustrate the history of the people living on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Day to day, we manage leading national archaeological, historical, art historical and applied arts collections. We also offer institutional and private temporary and long-term loans.

We focus on archaeological, historical and artistic aspects of the past and present, and actively search for objects and artworks that meet our aspirations. Each acquisition is made according to well-established criteria and is reviewed by an internal committee.

The artefacts preserved in our collection open up a variety of perspectives on and approaches to Luxembourg’s past, present and future. By storing and handling each object according to established best practices, we ensure its long-term conservation, allowing Luxembourg’s movable cultural heritage to be studied and shared by present and future generations.

Document and Study

Our documentation and research efforts focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the objects and works of art preserved in our collection. Through research, we aim to make our collection accessible to both experts and the public and to spark discussions about contemporary issues.

Our research explores Luxembourg’s history and history of art and is enriched by collaborations with universities, research centres, other museums and cultural institutions as well as individual researchers and collectors. Our collection and the related documentation are available to the national and international scientific community as well as to the general public.

Communicate and Share

We present the objects and works in our collection and share the results of our research on them, their historical context and their importance for society, past and present.

Aware of our responsibilities towards today’s society and future generations, we are committed to sharing newly gained scientific knowledge with a large and diverse audience. As experts on movable cultural heritage and as its custodians, we aim to educate and promote awareness as well as contribute to socially relevant debates.

We promote our movable cultural heritage by exhibiting our collection, publishing our research and offering educational activities both on-site and online. We strive to make the heritage we manage accessible to everyone through a variety of approaches.

Exchange and Discuss

The movable cultural heritage we are entrusted with allows us to illustrate, present and discuss socially relevant ideas, topics and issues. We engage with the public through a range of activities, encouraging exchange and debate in exhibitions, lectures, conferences and panel discussions. By inviting selected academics and members of civil society to take part in our events, we offer a variety of perspectives to complement those offered by our staff members.

Through our activities, we aim to promote critical thinking and encourage people to take an active role in societal issues. As discussion and debate among members of the public are key to any democratic society, we strive to be a forum for the exchange of ideas on current issues (such as individual and collective cultural identities, multiculturalism, sustainable development, etc.).

We also aim to be a welcoming place where people can have enriching individual and collective experiences.

Advise and Train

In line with our various cultural missions, we draw on our scientific and pedagogical expertise to offer qualified advice to both government authorities and civil society.

By hosting trainees in our departments and research divisions, we actively participate in training museum professionals and in promoting these professions.

By sharing best practices and scientific expertise and by offering in-house training, we actively contribute to the professionalisation of Luxembourg's museum landscape.

We thus participate in national and international efforts to professionalise and increase the value of the museum in today's society. We seek to raise awareness of the importance of Luxembourg’s movable cultural heritage, its protection and preservation.

Cooperate and Represent

By collaborating nationally and internationally through various networks, we promote communication, exchange best practices and cooperate on a practical and scientific level. We actively uphold the status of museums as institutions that preserve the material cultural heritage of past and present societies.

Responsible for the conservation and study of Luxembourg’s movable cultural heritage, we are the point of contact for the protection of this heritage, which we represent both on the national and international level.